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Specializing in the detailing of automobile (car, boat, aircraft) interiors and engines, Autosparkle is Africa’s No. 1 mobile waterless auto detailing company, not the regular car wash as you know it. As a fully integrated professional operation that combines convenience with environmental sustainability, we take our service to our esteemed clients without messing up the environment with water and soap. The level of personalized attention we give to the details is based on the fact that we treat each car according to its unique needs.

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Our clients love us for this, and that is why it could take up to 3-4 hours to get your car completely detailed.

We do not overlook any part because no one sees them, unlike the regular car wash that rushes to serve clients because there is a queue of cars waiting to be served.

We currently serve as a mobile unit that brings this pampering experience to homes and offices in Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Ajah axes of Lagos Island.

From the most executive to the most luxurious of cars, we have renewed interior of brands like Rolls Royce, Porsche, Buick, Maserati, Camaro, Mustang, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Buick, Jaguar, Range Rover, Ford etc. You can trust your most cherished asset to us, after your house of course.

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Our Story

In 2005 as teenage brothers (aged 18 and 15), we the co-founders Genesis Onomiwo and Jesse Onomiwo observed that most car owners who were busy office workers drove very dirty cars and had little or no time to have them washed and cleaned properly. So we came up with an idea: why not start taking a car wash service to busy office workers?

The same year we started a mobile car wash. The car wash soon had on its clientele nearly all car-owning bank staff of the most popular banks on Allen Avenue and Oregun in the Ikaja business district area of Lagos. As a result of issues experienced with getting good access to water at these banks during wash sessions back in 2005 and 2006, this mobile car wash was soon converted into a mobile WATERLESS car wash company in 2010 in Victoria Island Lagos. Autosparkle was born.

We soon realized that there was a huge unfilled gap in the car care industry in Nigeria and decided to fill it up. Most car owners wanted a perfectly cleaned interior but car washes in the country couldn’t fulfil this want. This led Autosparkle to start focusing (from 2018) on only luxury car interiors, thereby making ours the world’s first and only waterless luxury car interior-only detailing company. Our customers valued our interior cleaning the most because of the amount of time we dedicated to each car and the impressive results we produced. We also wanted to save water contrary to the wastage of over 450 litres of water a regular car wash uses on one car. We soon added waterless engine detailing, which became an instant hit.


● has guested about 10 national TV shows including Silverbird TV, TVContinental WakeUp Nigeria show and its numerous auto segments, and some radio interviews;

● got featured alongside automotive startups like & Cars45 (both now merged as Autochek, as top Nigerian automotive startups to watch out for;

● got into a Fate Foundation's Enterpreneurs Program in 2019;

● got incubated in Nigeria's first ever Forbes Digital Accelerator

● made Connect Nigeria's Top 100 Emerging SMEs list in 2019

● was part of German government-sponsored The Next Economy Program in 2020.

Company Profile

Autosparkle is the world's first and only brand that specializes in renewing and maintaining the interiors of luxury cars at the client's location through a deep cleaning or detailing process without the use of water. We also offer the option of waterless engine detailing.

Autosparkle is a brand under Riltouche and Sparkles Ltd whose goal is to be the largest chain of eco-friendly cleaning operations out of Africa by 2025. This would cover waterless cleaning of cars, aircrafts, boats, homes, hotels and other types of spaces. Autosparkle is targeted at luxury cars and middle to high income earning Nigerians and expatriates with plans of expanding to other countries starting with Africa.

Our Vision

Helping people live healthier and cleaner lives in their homes, automobiles and cities in the most environmentally-friendly and convenient way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the largest and most successful eco-friendly cleaning and cleanliness solution provider out of Africa through focused operating brands competing collectively, and managed collaboratively, under the Riltouche and Sparkles company. We seek to provide wowing services and products to our high value clientele, rewarding returns to our investors and borderless opportunities for growth and fulfilment to our staff, our stakeholders and host communities. We shall be guided by integrity, professionalism and innovation.


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