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Autosparkle Mobile waterless car wash in lagos

Here is our short Corporate Blab!


Since we restarted operations as an interior-only detailing company in 2018,  Autosparkle has washed and maintained the cars of busy executives in their homes and offices. We have detailed multiple cars within Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, Banana Island and have served some other clients who travelled all the way from other areas of Lagos and outside as a mobile unit.
All along, we have been helping all our customers improve their corporate image and decrease their environmental footprint.


We want to provide top quality car detailing service for luxury and middle class car owners with emphasis on convenience, professionalism and environmental friendliness.


1. To be the foremost corporate entity in the autocare industry.
2. To have a borderless coverage area enhanced by mobility and technology.
3. To have at least one person in every car owning home use Autosparkle’s services at least once monthly.
4. To stirrup a change in the face of the car wash industry in Africa through a professional overhaul and value based pricing system.

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Autosparkle Vs Traditional Car Wash

Our people are professional, prompt and courteous. They arrive on time, every time and go about their work with full attention. All our Sparklers and Relationship Executives go through a 2 week induction training as well as a full calendar of workshops and assessments to ensure compliance with Autosparkle’s strict quality service standards.

For us at Autosparkle. Rude is SIN, SMILE is in!

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With biodegradable solutions, the Autosparkle process does no harm to the environment. We continue to save thousands of litres of water while helping to keep our environment safe and healthy. It is our job to ensure your good health each time you ride in your car. Every time your car gets an interior treatment from us, all disease causing gems are always properly eliminated – whether they are in your AC vent, underneath your seats or in your boot.

As an Autosparkle client, you are assured of personal service. We surpass your expectations as we do not only do our jobs the best way possible, but also ensure that you are personally satisfied and happy. Based on your own peculiar needs, we take the time needed to ensure every detail is attended to.

An autosparkling experience usually takes an average of 3-4 hours. We don’t rush to take on the next job when yours is not done perfectly. We bet you’ll love the outcome.

That is why our service is by appointment only.

We do not take light the experience we can give you on the online social platforms you are most conversant with. Following us on social media means you will discover a lot of useful things you never knew about making your car serve you better longer. You also get first hand special and exclusive offers. Enjoy engaging and rich content by liking and following @MyAutosparkle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+

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