Always New Program

Enjoy your asset for longer with real care

Did you just buy your car or it’s barely less than 5 months old? We just made your life easier because you can choose to let it never grow old!

Autosparkle waterless car detailing

Your car is one of the most important possessions that you have. Now, if you only detail your car once or twice a year, that will hardly pass for taking proper care of such an asset. Why? Because we all spend nothing less than 5 hours everyday in our car. And that translates to a complete 70 days in a year! In that case, it certainly deserves to be thoroughly cleaned more than just once or twice a year.

Apart from any other logical reason, it is a matter of personal health and hygiene, as well as a preference for keeping your car in the best possible condition. The ALWAYS NEW PROGRAM helps you achieve this by partnering with Autosparkle Prestige to make this delicate care cater to your car’s needs inside-out.

This plan makes sure that your car is put on a routine that gets it detailed four times a year (which is the ideal number of times a car should be thoroughly cleaned out, as recommended by experts).

*Please note that this plan is only available to brand new and foreign-used cars less than 5 months old and existing Autosparkle clients that meet certain conditions.

The ALWAYS NEW PLAN entails:

Waterless Interior

Waterless Engine

Machine Polishing

Waxing Treatment

Extra Perks


Always New

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