5 Loved Car Models that will be Discontinued in 2022

We all have those cars we loved growing up that are no longer in production. Nothing lasts forever, not even car models. Like humans, the car graveyard is filled with many amazing cars like the BMW Z8, Chevrolet SS, and Toyota Celica.

Here are 5 loved car models that will be discontinued in 2022

1. Ford Fusion:

The auto manufacturers announced in 2018 that they would discontinue all sedan models to focus more on SUVs and trucks. Ford Focus was first released in 1998, replacing the Ford Escort. The brand has however promised that the Fusion would be reinvented to suit customers’ needs. Ford Bronco sport is expected to replace the beloved Ford Fusion. 

Photo by Sam Warren on Unsplash

2. Mazda 6:

The 2021 Mazda 6 has been announced as the last production year for the loved Mazda. Rumors flying around suggest that it may return in the future with inline-6 powering the rear wheels. The first production year was in 2003.

Photo by Alex Bierwagen on Unsplash

3. Jaguar XE:

Jaguar is a loved brand among all. The XE was launched in October 2014 and the manufacturer has announced that it would be discontinued after the 2021 model although it is not yet certain what model will replace the XE at this time. 

Photo by Valery Fedotov on Unsplash

4. Toyota Yaris:

Toyota Yaris is a Subcompact car introduced in 1999. It was introduced to replace the Starlet and Tercel. The year 2020 was the last production year for Yaris and Mazda has released designs based on the Toyota Yaris for their production car in 2023.

Photo by James Ryan on Unsplash

5. Lexus GS:

This model of Lexus is an executive car by the premium division of Toyota. It was introduced in February 1993 and up until January 2005, it was still referred to as Toyota Aristo in the Japanese market. The 2020 model is the last that will be sold as the legend will be laid to rest. 

Photo by Sam Warren on Unsplash

Final thoughts: Seems like trunks in cars are becoming a thing of the past as sales of most sedans are declining rapidly. SUVs and coupes are becoming more of the order of the day, pushing sedans into extinction. The discontinued models are not limited to these 5, many more are in the pipeline, but one thing is for sure, the majority of them are sedans.

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