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7 Things to Know about an Autosparkle Car Interior Detailing Treatment

When looking for the best care as per detailing for your car’s interior in Africa, you can be sure to look no further than an autosparkle treat. Autosparkle offers thorough interior cleaning services on cars. It is more than a car wash. Want to give your car a fresh look on the inside again? Then

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Top 5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Routines that Guarantee Lasting Performance

You take care of your body right? you eat 2/3 times a day, you go for checkups and  get medication when you feel symptoms of illness, you exercise from time to time and you take preventive measures to stay strong and healthy. In the same way your car needs to be cared for properly  if

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Autosparkle Declared As One Of ConnectNigeria’s Top 100 Emerging SMEs 2019

In 2019, Autosparkle was nominated to participate and compete alongside 280 companies by Connect Nigeria. We went through four stages which were: Nomination Voting  Sorting Panel Decision. All through these stages, we had the support and love of our audience who voted and also encouraged us. We eventually emerged as one of the Top 100

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5 Ways To Keep Your Porsche In Top Condition

Have you recently acquired a Porsche? You need to keep it in top condition always to match that luxury lifestyle of yours. Here are some ways you can achieve that: 1. Follow a maintenance schedule: If you want your ride to continue being Porsche worthy, you need to regularly service it. Following the recommended maintenance

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10 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Ford

Ford has had a significant impact on the automotive industry since they first started rolling out cars 110 years ago. As one of the oldest car manufacturers, Ford has a rich history, filled with interesting facts that you may not know. Check out these interesting Ford facts to learn more about what makes your Ford

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6 Things You Need To Avoid While Driving

Though many people do it every day and may find it easy, driving can be a complicated business. Every year, thousands of people die and suffer severe injuries while travelling in a vehicle. However, many people do not pay attention to what they are doing or what is going around them because of which they

By Toba Kolade , Autocare & Maintenance tips

6 things you need to avoid while driving

Make Your Car Interior Attractive In 5 Ways.

Your car interior should make you feel good about your car, but without proper maintenance, they can be downright unattractive. Because some of the components are natural materials, they are subject to fading and cracking because of heat and UV rays. Practicing routine maintenance will extend the life of your car interior and keep your

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5 Ways To Avoid Car Theft

According to statistics in Nigeria, over 10,000 motor vehicles were reported stolen in 2017-2019. Wow, that’s a huge number don’t you think? Thieves have gotten increasingly savvy, using smart keys to steal cars and switching vehicle identification numbers to avoid detection. So, how do you help protect yourself from becoming a victim of car theft?

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10 Things To Know Before Driving In The Rain

There are basic things you should consider when driving especially during the raining season. This is mainly to ensure your safety as driving in the rain can be a bit dangerous. We have listed some tips for you so that you’ll be safe.   1. Avoid Driving In The Rain If you feel uncomfortable driving

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10 things to know when driving in the rain

Autosparkle Makes it to the Forbes Digital Accelerator Program

Forbes recently launched its first Digital Startup Accelerator Program in Nigeria  and we got selected alongside other less than 200 businesses out of over 5000 applications. According to the company, it is an initiative of Forbes 8, a Netflix for entrepreneurs community that provides access to its top business mogul community. Powered by the Global

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