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Top 5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Routines that Guarantee Lasting Performance

You take care of your body right? you eat 2/3 times a day, you go for checkups and  get medication when you feel symptoms of illness, you exercise from time to time and you take preventive measures to stay strong and healthy. In the same way your car needs to be cared for properly  if

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maintenance tips for cars

Free Waterless Car Wash from Autosparkle to GoMyWay ride sharers in Lagos

GoMyWay, Nigeria’s No. 1 innovative car pooling service partnered with Autosparkle, Nigeria’s No.1 Mobile Waterless Car Wash to run its biggest RideShare giveaway in the our SHARE-A-RIDE promotion. In the promotion which held between 8TH FEBRUARY TO  18TH MARCH, 2016, every member (both car owners and passengers) gets to win amazing valuable prizes. As a

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Car pooling in Nigeria

Autosparkle is Nigeria's No. 1 Mobile Waterless Car Wash. We apply the best alternative and most revolutionary method in cleaning cars.

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