Boat Interior Detailing

Cockpit and cabin deep cleaning to renew all furniture surfaces and compartments

Your boat is more than a means of transport, it’s a statement of luxury and love for living. It should be welcoming to your guests and yourself, especially when you want to create a great time out at sea.

Below are the service categories that can make your boat come alive again:

cabin detailing as part of boat interior detailing by Autosparkle

Cabin Detailing

Inner cabin deep cleaning including:

  • Lavatory cleaned
  • Rugged floor vacuumed
  • Stains removed
  • Mildew removed
  • Inner roof cleaned
  • Air freshener
  • Kitchen, sinks and cabinets cleaned
  • Refrigerator and microwave cleaned
  • Bed sanitized and deodorized
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Walls cleaned
  • Plastic and wood trims polished
  • Rug stains removed
  • Seats cleaned and conditioned
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Cockpit Detailing

  • Fibreglass stains removed
  • Metal, glass, rubber and plastic trims polished
  • Dirt, stains, rust, grease, oil and salt removed from flat and non-skid decks
  • Teak cleaned, brightened and polished (if it exists)
  • Skid and non-skid decks polished
  • Stern cleaned
  • Seats deep-cleaned and conditioned
  • Helm cleaned
  • Handrails polished
  • Corrosion blocking treatment


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