Refer a client and get paid. It’s that SIMPLE!

Do you know people who love good cars and spend some good money taking care of them? That’s residual income right there for you.

By joining the Autosparkle Referral Program, you’ll receive a commission for every client you refer and who books our services using your assigned referral ID.

Autosparkle specializes in professionally restoring luxury car interiors and engines back to new or near brand new state through deep cleaning, all without a single drop of water.

You are good to go in just three steps:


Become a Partner
  • Submit your details through the ‘Join Now’ button below
  • You’ll receive your unique referral ID via email

What you need to know
  • A bank account is required to receive direct deposits
  • This partnership program is open to people living anywhere in the world but with contacts in Nigeria

Autosparkle is open to travelling within and outside Lagos to go and serve referred clients. However, there are conditions to be met on a case-by-case basis for that to happen


Tell others about Autosparkle’s services

  • Get exclusive tips and program updates
  • Engage your prospects with the resources, email and WhatsApp templates that we’ll provide you with
  • Share the private referral booking link you’ll receive in your email and your unique user ID with your prospect


Receive a commission on every referral that books an Autosparkle service.

  • After your referral books (and pays) for an Autosparkle service, receive your commission instantly.


The fine print

  • You can refer an unlimited number of clients
  • Qualify for exclusive rewards when you become one of our top 3 performing partners every month

I want to become a Partner


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