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FAQs | Autosparkle

A driver is trained to drive, we are professionals trained to pamper your car like no other can do. In fact, we have had drivers pay on behalf of their bosses for us to detail their cars. The level of detail and care we give to your car’s interior is our hallmark. You would not

No. Our method of washing is 100% scratch-free. When our exclusive technology is applied to your vehicle, it encapsulates all the surface dirt and acts as a lubricant between the dirt and the paint, ensuring all dirt is removed without any scratching. The Autosparkle treatment leaves your vehicle with a protective polymer coating that has

Yes. We would be willing to set up a multi-vehicle or group discount for your home, friends or company.

We are completely mobile, so we come to you wherever you may be! Plus an autosparkle can be done anywhere – in a car park, on the street, at your home, or even where you work. Simply select BOOK NOW or CALL the numbers above.

Yes. We care about your car being clean all-year round. We have designed plans that can keep your car shining from the inside out without bursting your pocket! The least of our plan ensures you get a thorough interior detail at least once every two weeks.

No. Actually, as most car owner manuals will tell you, frequent professional car washes with clear coat treatment and waxes protect your car from the damaging effects of weather and UV ray damage. Wash everyday if you want!

Traditional car washes and “bucket” washers that use unfiltered water, soap and sponge to wash your car typically scrub the dirt against the paint finish, thereby aging the paint and therefore resulting in a dull looking finish. Autosparkling thoroughly removes dirt and leaves a coating on the paint surface which gives a “polished” mirror finish.

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